Bounty program

In addition to airdrops, bounty programs are often made by the creators to promote the project. In this case, some social media platform are defined where they want to make known their product or service (eg Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) and a token amount distributed among the participants. There are serious requirements for participation, but payment is high enough.

In general there is determined a minimum number of followers (for example, at least 500 on Twitter). They say the conditions, eg use his hashtags, at least x characters or minutes (youtube). You can collect points with posts and shares. At the end of the event, the predetermined token amount (pool) is allocated to the participants based on their score.

ETH wallet

In general, the airdrop projects are based on Ethereum blockchain technology, which is why it is worth opening one before the first register. It is also important for it to support ERC20 tokens. I recommend myetherwallet, it may seem a little bit furious at first, but you can quickly learn to use it.

To view the balance of your account, you do not have to enter the wallet anyway, enough to know your public address and you can visit this site:

KYC - Know Your Customer

This type of identification requires more and more countries from the companies that provide financial services to their customers. For this reason, many of the airdrops where you create your own wallet, so sign up the project website before you transfer the tokens, you have to identify yourself. Usually in the following ways:

  • Name, address, phone number
  • Scanned or photographed identity card or driving license or passport
  • selfie

The luckiest thing is that if you get the coin and then you need to be identified, in this case there is a real development.

Making screenshot

There are some airdrops where you need to prove with a screenshot that you did some task. Eg. you like their Facebook page. To do this we recommend to you a very popular and easy-to-use program, the LightShot. You can download it for Widows and Mac from their website. After the fast installation the program already works. You can also find on this page a description and videos about how it works.

When you press prt scr on your keyboard (or click on the small icon of the running program), the screen will darken. Use the mouse to select the part you want to save (it also has multi-screen mode). Upload it to the LightShot's own storage. You can do this by pressing ctrl+D or the Upload button. In the lower right corner of the screen 1-2 seconds later a link to the uploaded image appears in a small window. By clicking Open you open it immediately in the browser or copy the URL to the clipboard with the Copy button. Lightshot stores images for several months, so you don’t have to be afraid that it will not be there when they checking it.

Occasionally you have to send the proof as an image. Then save the created picture before uploading to your computer by pressing ctrl+S or Save button and then send it to the appropriate location (eg Telegram bot)


Medium is a very clever blog site that is very popular among the airdrops. You can register at As a task they are asked to follow up or clap their articles (this is similar to like).

Follow: it can be changes made for a customizable look, but you have to look for a small Follow button:

Clap: you can find it at the bottom of the article in line with the other share buttons, you have to click on it. Unlike to the like this can be done several times, so several times you are asked to clap it 10x eg.

Money changers - stock exchanges

Below I list the places where you can send and sell the received coins. There are a lot of types of crypto money, so it’s not enough to register for just one, and I also can not tell which will list that coin.


Here are some wallets for example where you can store your money. The safest thing is, of course, if you are storing it in a non-online wallet, but an outside hardware.

NEM wallet

Some of the airdrops use the NEM blockchain instead of the ETH. Therefore if you want to register for these airdrops, you will need a NEM wallet. From here you can download NANO Wallet to PC or mobile:

On PC, unpact the ZIP file and start NanoWallet.exe. Click SignUP on the top right. If you did not have own wallet before, click the blue Simple Wallet button. After you press the Ready button, select the Mainnet network and the system goes you through the portfolio creation process (about 2 minutes). Do not forget to save the wlt file with your private key!

Once your wallet is ready and you're signed in, you can see the wallet address by clicking Account: Primary on the top right.

This wallet is also able for storage BTC, not just XEM.

NEO wallet

This NEO wallet can be easily created:

It’s running in a browser and you just have to enter a password. Click Create Wallet, enter a password and your wallet just completed.

Click Backup Wallet and save the file, do it well! You can restore with this if you logging in somewhere else. Click Receive and you can see the address of your NEO wallet.

QTUM wallet

You can download from here:

You have to install it wherever you want (for phones, tablets, desktops, etc.). You can find the address of your wallet in the File menu in Receiving Addresses.

Then you should let the program run a bit while downloading the blockchain.


Reddit is a community site where users can share writings, images, and read them, write posts. These can be done in subreddit within the different communities. This site is also very popular in airdrops, usually here is a description of the project too, and there are several times that you have to subscribe to their channel or upvote their posts.

Register: on click on the sign up button in the top right corner, then enter your email address and follow the instructions.

Subscribe: click on the right side the blue Subscribe button.

Upvote: Click the up arrow next to the post title

Username: you are usually asked to enter your reddit username on the airdrop form. You will find this in the top right next to your default logo. Sometimes you need to link your reddit user, this is very easy:

Security - Be careful!

Besides that there are a few airdrops that does not get to give out the tokens, there are some fraud too. they want to steal your data. For this reason, never give your private keys anywhere. To be able to send the tokens for you, the private key of your ETH (orother) wallet is not necessary.

Try using a password for airdrop registrations you do not use elsewhere. For this I have a special password, I give this for all airdrop registrations, not for the mail address.

Tag 5 firends

It happens several times when you share an airdrop post, you have to tag 5 friends as well. How can this be done? On Facebook and Twitter the process is very similar.

On Facebook, enter a @ sign in the text and start typing in your friend's name. It will recommend the similars, typing each letter will narrow the list. Choose the right one and you are ready.

You have to make a @ sign on Twitter too, but do not enter his/her name, but the username on the profilpage under his/her name that starts with @. The site also offers the list so you just have to choose it.

Telegram chat software

Nowadays the Telegram is one of the most popular chat programs. Almost all airdrops are used it. They had own chatrooms, and some of them had chatbots too, so it can you navigate through the airdrop process. You do not have to download the app, it is also running on a PC from a browser.

It's important to know that there is a limit of 500 (you can be in this ammount of rooms at the same time) so if you want to sign up for all the airdrops, you will need an extra phone number and one more user. If you don’t have two numbers, ask someone to get the code from the activating SMS that you have your second account. You can manage 2 users on 1 phone at the same time the app called Loopy messenger. If this is full too, you should look back the first and drop out of the groups that have already given you the coins.

Waves wallet

There is some airdrop where Waves wallet is needed. There are also many varieties of this. You can find a very simple wallet here: You have to give your name and password and it’s done.

The private and public key that you need to back up the wallet and authenticate you can find by clicking on the backup icon in the top right corner. This is worth saving on your machine.

What is the ICO

ICO is a kind of pre-financing, as if you were shopping for a startup company before starting. They got the idea, got the description for it, but need money for the implementation, the payments and the coffee machine. For this reason, the projects throw out a certain amount of tokens, which the investors can buy considerably below the expected value. Of course, a large percentage of projects will fall down, buti f not, then a good profit can be expected.

Airdrops are giving out during the ICO period, so while others spend many for buying tokens. It may take up to several months, but it took a couple of days to accumulate the right amount of money. The tokens promised in the airdrop are usually sent after the completion of ICO. Then if the project has reached the right status, you can trade with them.