Getting started


As I wrote on the main page, the airdrop is actually used to promote the project. We can collect different coins and tokens, which can then be traded on different stock exchanges and exchange sites, or we can store them, as if they were going to reach more than they did in the early days. Anyone who has more time to read about each project on their website may be able to figure out which coin is worth keeping - so what can be gained more later.

In my opinion, because the new technology and the great interest, we have a lot of airdrops until the end of 2019. For this reason, I don’t think it's worth "ruining" our own private profiles by generating a lot of posts and tweets daily basis and singing up a lot of places. I suggest you to create a new email address, twitter and facebook profile to signing up to these projects. Personally, I keep a separate browser for them so I can keep them logged in and don’t have to switch always. Because for some airdrop you need to have 50-200 friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, so if you've created a new account, read the "Community" menu where we can help for this.

According to my own experience, it is about 1-2 months that the coins will begin to flow into the wallets. Below I summarize what you can expect to get prepared for.


What you will need

In addition to the above, there are also some else social media, forums that can be expected (eg Reddit, Medium, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn).

* Generally the projects are based on Ethereum blockchains, but from time to time other wallets are also on display. For more information on how to create a wallet, see the Knowledges.



There are basically two types of airdrops:


How will I have money from this?

When the development process is completed (this can be 1-2 months, but one year is not so rare), you can switch the coins to the other. For example, you can send them to a stock exchange and change it to Bitcoin. If you've got enough bitcoins on that stock market and want to make dollar, or euro, you can send it to a conversion page (eg, Coinbase) where you get your selected money for your bitcoin. It's important to note that once you receive a coin, you will pay a transaction fee when you transfer it to another location. For this we want to help you, go to the menu "Click!".

It is also worth noting that stock exchanges and exchange sites have a minimum payout limit. So if you can, do not divide the coins you get if you want to switch them, try to focus on one or two exchanges.