GexPay (GEX)

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GexPay is a unique mobile payment system.

Pay without cash or cards from your mobile phone. All those plastic cards and paper receipts overload your wallet. Send or request money instantly – straight from your bank account to your smartphone.

Pay in shops or online from your personal account – with just your phone. The ideal way to move money.

Mobile payments are convenient for users because they take advantage of technology that is always with them: their mobile phones. Instead of cash and credit cards, mobile payments allow customers to use a mobile device, which they carry everywhere, to pay for goods and services.

GexPay is airdropping 5,000,000 GEX tokens (~$50,000)

How to join:

Join GexPay Telegram group = 1 Stake.
Invite up to 10 friends to GexPay Telegram = 1 Stake per friend.
If you are a Crowdholding user, then please provide your account URL = 1 Stake.
Complete airdrop form.

The limits of the stakes will vary between 50 and 500 GEX a stake ($0.5~$50).

ICO price: $0.01

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