BitValve (Round 2) (BTV)

Time requirement:
Max participant: -

BitValve aim to create the most advanced P2P Exchange platform, direct competitor of Localbitcoins and Paxful, with key advantages that will change the way people trade Peer to Peer, by combining all the advantages of the current exchanges and addressing the disadvantages that keep the market from reaching its full potential. The Platform will target not only professional traders, but also normal users who just want to exchange their coins for fiat or for other cryptos in a quick, cheap and efficient way.

  1. Visit the BitValve Airdrop page.
  2. Create an account on BitValve Platform with your details (upper button).
  3. Verify your email and Login.
  4. Join them on Telegram. (+1 BTV)
  5. Follow them on Twitter. (+1 BTV)
  6. Similalry, complete more social tasks to earn more BTV tokens.
  7. Earn additional 1 BTV token on per referral.

ICO price: 0,2

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16 BTV



Max participant